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Window Replacement for your home in Chicago, Illinois, and the suburbs

From new window installation to replacement windows in Chicago, Illinois, and the suburbs, Midwest Windows & Doors can replace any window in your home. We are the window replacement experts who do the job right, the first time! From Chicago, Oak Lawn, Naperville, Oak Park, Schaumburg & throughout Chicagoland, we are the 1st choice in quality window replacement.

Chicago Windows Replacement

Midwest Windows & Doors in Chicago offers free professional window replacement estimates to assess your specific window needs. During your free windows replacement estimate, our experts will work with you to determine the best plan for replacing your windows. If window replacement is right for your Chicago area home, we offer a wide selection of window replacements from just a single-window to entire window systems.

Whether you are looking to replace the foggy double pane picture window in your family room, or are looking for a custom window replacement to increase your home’s curb appeal, or building a new home and looking for complete window installation. From basement windows to bay windows, from casement windows to sliding windows, we have a full line to fit your window installation needs and budget. Contact Midwest Windows & Doors, Chicago’s replacement window company specialists, for quality window replacements.

No matter what your window replacement needs are, be it a double-hung window replacement, a basement window installation, a bay window, casement window, egress window, or a picture window installation, Midwest Windows & Doors has you covered. 

Types of windows we provide:

Lower Heating & Cooling Costs — Thermopane Glass Installed Fast & Done Right

Midwest Windows installs quality-crafted thermopane windows for your Chicago home. Thermopanes are constructed to insulate your home’s interior from the elements—whether it’s a hot summer in Chicago, or frigid winds of February in Naperville. The investment in double glazed thermopane windows will pay off the minute you open your monthly energy bill.

How Thermopane Window Saves You Money

Thermopane windows are insulated glass units (IGUs) and can be considered the modern evolution of single-pane glass. In order to improve the insulating properties of single pane glass, homeowners often install storm windows in the winter. Adding a second window pane creates additional protection from outside elements. Thermopanes take this notion a step further by sealing insulating gases between the two panes.

IGUs use gases with low heat conductivity—the most common being Argon gas, which conducts 33% less heat than air. This reduction in heat transfer works both ways: your interior will absorb less heat from outdoors in the summer and will lose less interior heat in the winter. In turn, your heating and cooling systems don’t work as hard, and your energy costs will be reduced.

Call Midwest Windows in Chicago to save money on your energy bill today

Foggy Thermopane Windows?

Are your double-paned insulated windows foggy? Our window experts in Chicago will solve your foggy window problems. Broken seals reduce your thermopane window’s ability to properly insulate your home. Here at Midwest Windows, we will come in and completely redo your windows for you.

Window Replacements for Energy Efficiency

Many Chicago, Illinois homeowners choose window replacement to increase energy efficiency. Replacing drafty, old windows can significantly cut energy costs. Our window replacement experts can assess your specific window replacement needs to eliminate drafts.

Replacing your old windows with vinyl windows offers excellent energy efficiency. Our certified window glass installers are experienced in the installation of all types of windows, ensuring your new windows are working properly.

Should You Replace Old Windows in Chicago, Illinois?

The experts at Midwest Windows in Chicago will assess whether replacement is necessary for your home’s windows. Replacement nearly always depends on the extent of damage, but there are some things to consider:

  • Age of your current windows – if your home’s windows are original and are largely in good shape, replacement may be the best option. However, if broken hardware replacements are impossible to find, replacement may be necessary. 
  • Rotting frames – windows with rotting wood should be replaced. The more damage, the better the chances replacement is the way to go.
  • Seal effectiveness – drafty windows are a drain on your energy bill. While small drafts can be simply repaired, excessive drafts may require replacement.

Our window replacement experts will give you a free estimate of the cost to replace your home’s windows.

Contact Midwest Windows Today & Start Saving Money on your home!

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